1. Can the patient use any balloon?

No, patients should not use any balloon. The Otovent inflation device is a precision medical device that is designed to apply a specific pressure to the Eustation tube. Use of a normal balloon may apply too little pressure, or too much pressure and cause damage.

The balloons enclosed in the pack are made of natural latex and are pressure-tested.  They provide the correct pressure for successful treatment.

2. My patient is worried about Otovent damaging her child’s ears?

It should not be used whilst suffering from a bad cold or nasal congestion. Assure them that Otovent has undergone extensive testing and clinical trials to ensure that it is 100% safe to use.

3. If suffering from an illness such as a cold, should an individual continue with the Otovent treatment?

It should not be used whilst suffering from a bad cold or nasal congestion.

Some people find using the Otovent device overwhelming at first. Because this experience can be too much for some children, we suggest that parents try the device first so that they can demonstrate to their child that it is safe and experience the sensation of pressure on the Eustachian tubes. The child may experience “clicking” or feel movement in the ears. This is a sign of the Otovent device is working.

You can try stretching the inflation device to help them get started. If they are still unable to inflate the device, have the parent inflate it for them first.

Otovent may be used on an airplane to equalize pressure in the middle ear. It should be used as normal when the child feels the pressure in their ears. Otovent has undergone clinical trials for treating symptoms Barotitis

Initially, Otovent should be used at least three times a day (morning, noon, evening). After one week, it should be used at least twice a day (morning and evening). The normal duration of treatment is 2-3 weeks, after which a physician should decide whether or not to continue with the treatment. Each Otovent medical balloon may be inflated a maximum of 20 times.

The clinical data showing the effectiveness of Otovent shows that it works in 64% of cases where the course of treatment is correctly carried out.

Visit our Clinical Data section for results.

Adults and children from 3 years of age can use Otovent.

As soon as possible after the diagnosis of glue ear is made. Early intervention produces the best results.